On-Campus Support

Choose from multiple pre-built page modules and web page templates based on common requests from previous UChicago website projects. On-campus supported websites utilize the Voices WordPress CMS to manage the website content and layout. No prior web experience is required in order to publish a professional, University-branded website.

Campus-supported websites are hosted and supported within the University by UChicago Creative and IT Services. Advice on migrating current websites into the on-campus-supported website platform may be provided as well.


  • UChicago-based templates - Designed specifically for University audiences based on development of previous UChicago websites.
  • UChicago branding - Masthead, footer, design colors, and fonts are consistent with University identity guidelines.
  • Hosted internally - Hosting is securely managed and platform upgrades are performed by IT Services.
  • Events - Create events with the included Calendar+ WordPress plugin.
  • News block - Create announcements with the news feature and post them to the website home page.
  • Forms - Embed third-party form tools (such as Wufoo, Google Forms, etc.) or use the included, highly customizable Formidable Forms plugin.
  • Google Analytics - Add Google Analytics tracking code to generate statistics about website traffic and usage patterns.

Recommended Uses

This option is ideal for small websites where limited customization is needed. The templates ensure web pages align with UChicago branding, and look professional for internal or external audiences. The on-campus supported website platform allows for more functionality than a self-service website, such as flexible navigation layouts and the ability to embed events and news stories on the home page. All the templates come pre-built so page layouts don’t need to be developed from scratch. Aside from the masthead and footer, most template sections can be included or removed as needed.


On-campus supported websites are available to UChicago faculty and staff. They are best-suited for University departments or administrative units.

Data Security

The on-campus supported website Voices WordPress CMS is served by HTTPS, an encrypted website connection, and is hosted on a secure environment managed by IT Services. A valid CNetID and password is required to access the website administration interface.


An initial fee is required to launch an on-campus supported website, which varies based on requested customizations and content migration assistance. An estimated price range to expect is $5,000-$25,000.

Hosting support is provided by IT Services at no cost.

Get Started

To request a new advanced website or discuss if this is the best website option for you, submit a UChicago Website Request form.

Get Help

For helpful tips on editing Voices websites, visit the Voices support page.

ExpressionEngine Support

For helpful tips on editing ExpressionEngine websites, visit the ExpressionEngine User Guide.