The University has an interest in ensuring that University of Chicago web properties are managed in a secure and professional manner. In conjunction with the Office of the Provost, University faculty, and IT leadership, the University adopted Web Properties Management Policy, Digital Accessibility Policy, and Web Properties Management Standards to promote good practices and address the risks associated with the management of web properties. Within the standards document are University standards for security and maintenance, digital accessibility, and domain name registration.

Web Policies Information Session

Information sessions were held in January 2021 with faculty and staff to provide additional details, guidance, and next steps related to the UChicago web property and digital accessibility policies. 


Web Properties Management Policy

To address the risks associated with the management of web properties, the University has adopted this Web Properties Management Policy that span the following areas:

  • Security and Maintenance
  • University Web Properties Registration
  • Domain Names

Additional information on how to comply with these policies is provided in these corresponding standards:

Digital Accessibility Policy

UChicago is committed to making its web properties accessible to the widest possible audience. In accordance with this commitment, the University has adopted a Digital Accessibility Policy to improve the user experience of its Web Properties.

Related IT Policies

Additional Web Guidelines

  • Identity Guidelines – Hands-on resource to help communications reflect and harness the reputation of the University of Chicago, including tips on using the UChicago website template and University identity elements (logo, color palette), and editorial style.
  • Web Brand Guidelines – A basic outline for expressing the University brand on websites. Additional specifications are within this document, for more detailed process information on creating a University website, email