University Preferred Vendor Support

Seeking to build a website that appeals to audiences beyond the UChicago community? Custom web development gives the ability to design a website with unique features or complex functionality, such as application integration. To assist in this process, the University has established relationships with a number of preapproved web development vendors that can quickly be engaged for campus website projects.

Benefits of Custom Websites

  • Custom web development can meet functional requirements that aren’t available via self-service or campus-supported website options.
  • Opportunity to create a bespoke digital experience outside of pre-built templates
  • Preferred vendors are knowledgeable in University branding guidelines, security, and digital accessibility compliance
  • Working with UChicago Creative can supplement a website build with content development, video projects, and photography, among other offerings.

How A Custom Website Project Works

  • After a brief consultation, a preapproved vendor that best fits the website needs will be recommended.
  • These outside vendors will provide fresh design perspectives while complying with overall University web policies and brand guidelines.

Benefits of Working with University-Approved Vendors

  • The Office of Communications, IT Services, and other members of the University community selected the approved web development vendors based on their varied skill sets and experience.
  • Vendors are knowledgeable about University website policies and follow security, branding, and accessibility standards.
  • In most cases, once an approved vendor is engaged to work on the project, there is no need to complete a full RFP or seek multiple vendor bids.
  • Vendors will provide a statement of work to begin the project, enabling the website build to be kicked off on a faster timeline.
  • Each vendor has agreed to provide technical maintenance support agreements to ensure ongoing website stability once the site is launched


The cost for a custom website varies by project complexity, with design and development budgets generally exceeding $50,000.

Get Started

To confirm that a custom website is the best solution for your project, and to select from a list of preapproved vendors, submit a UChicago Website Request form.