Class Blogs Support

The Academic Technology Team has created support materials for instructors using Class Blogs.

For in-depth instructions on using Class Blogs, visit the Edublogs User Guide. For additional support and questions, contact the team at

Canvas Integration Instructions

Typical Class Blog Templates and Examples

  • Template 1 – Blog posts are organized by their Categories. Suitable for courses in which students are assigned to write on several specific topics, and instructors wish to group these posts together for easy viewing. Instructors can set up a maximum of 10 categories.
  • Template 2 – Blog posts are presented in a single list in reverse chronological order. Suitable for courses where students are assigned to post a few times over the quarter on a topic of their choice.
  • Template 3 – Language ePortfolio Template
  • Class Blog Example 1: ENGL 25640 The Problem of Fictional Character
  • Class Blog Example 2: CMST 67205 Deleuze, Philosophy, and the Image
  • Class Blog Example 3: Sciences as Solutions to Latin American Challenges, 1500-2000
    (Note: must log in with CNetID and password to view.)

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How can users be added or removed in a Class Blog?

There are a few methods for managing participants in a Class Blog. Contact for support.

How are categories added to Class Blog posts?

For instructions, visit the Edublogs user guide: Adding Categories to a Post.

How are images added to a Class Blog?

For instructions, visit the Edublogs user guide: Add images to posts or pages. For additional support or resources on sourcing images, contact

What are some typical plugins that are useful to Class Blogs?

Here are two plugins that may be useful in academic blogs. Blog administrators can find the entire list under Dashboard > Plugins.

The Footnotes plugin allows footnotes to be added to posts and pages inline. Once activated, footnotes are added to a post by simply typing them inline in square brackets:
[1. This is a footnote.] Read how to use the Footnotes plugin.
LaTeX Math Symbols
The LaTeX Math Symbols plugin allows LaTeX code to be used in posts and comments. LaTex is good for formatting mathematical formulas and equations. Read how to use the LaTeX Math Symbols plugin.