The University’s Brand Identity Guidelines provide guidance on branding as well as proper usage of the University’s logos, colors, fonts, editorial, video, and photography. These guidelines allow units substantial design flexibility while preserving key institutional brand identity elements and consistent visual association with the University. For specific questions about applying web branding guidelines to UChicago websites, please contact UChicago Creative at or request a branding consultation using the button below.

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Web Branding Resources

  • Web Brand Guidelines – A basic outline for expressing the University brand on websites. Additional specifications are within this document. For, for more detailed process information on creating a University website, email

  • Identity Guidelines – Hands-on resource to help campus communicators communications reflect and harness the reputation of the University of Chicago, including tips on using the UChicago website template and University identity elements (logo, color palette), and editorial style.

  • For digital accessibility tips for content creators, please visit the Center for Digital Accessibility’s ten tips for Accessibility for Content Creators

  • To help test contrast ratios for backgrounds and foregrounds for the University color palette, please visit our quick reference guide.

  • For brand assets and identity resources, please visit UChicago Creative’s Resources page

  • For identity guidance specific to RSOs, please see the Recognized Student Organizations Guidelines

Basic Web Branding Conventions

For all other questions about branding guidelines, please contact UChicago Creative at